As metaphysicians, we believe in universal principles and its application which is equally relevant to all countries, all cultures, and all religious backgrounds.
We affirm:

• The oneness of existence,
• The divinity of the soul, and
• The harmony of all religions.

The goal of knowledge isn’t intellectual—the limited knowledge we acquire by reading books. “Knowledge” here means the knowledge of God as well as the knowledge of our own divine nature. In metaphysics, we search for Self-knowledge as well as the search for God, which is infinite existence, infinite consciousness, and infinite bliss. Yet we also maintains that God can be personal as well, assuming human form in every age. Most importantly, God dwells within our own hearts as the divine Self. The Self is never born nor will it ever die. Neither stained by our failings nor affected by the fluctuations of the body or mind, the Self is not subject to our grief or despair or disease or ignorance. The greatest temple of God lies within the human heart.
We assert that the goal of life is to realize and to manifest our own divinity. This divinity is our real nature, and the realization of it is our birthright. We are moving towards this goal as we grow with knowledge and life experiences. It is inevitable that we will eventually, either in this or in future lives, discover that the greatest truth of our existence is our own divine nature.
We further affirm that all religions teach the same basic truths about God, the world, and our relationship to one another.


Ones fundamental world view, or how we perceive reality, greatly affects the bounderies of our work. Some of our fundamental ideas are:

● My true essence is Divine.
● I’m not merely the product of my parents, environment and genes

So though hypnotherapy obviously works with the unconscios mind, we always keep in the back of our minds that behind this unconscious mind is ever present the Divine Self. This Self is the source of all love, all healing and all wisdom. This implies that within each one of us, no matter how damaged or traumatized we may seem at the moment, we have the inherent power to heal ourselvs and manifest this inherent divinity. The unconscious mind therefore, is merely a cover, not our true nature.

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